Why you need to consider an iPad POS for Your Food Truck: 5 Reasons to Do It


Your food truck is making everyone happy, but is there a way to improve your service and upgrade your business? Read this article and discover why you need to consider an iPad POS for your food truck!

If you own a food truck you know how hard it can be to organize everything, because of the space. Yes, you probably make your customers have and you have all you need to provide excellent service, but like any other business owner you want to improve your service and bring your business to the next level.

We have a solution to offer. So if you need to get through lineups, if you are tight on space, and you need better business insights, here are a few reasons why you need to consider an iPad POS for your food truck business.

Space - Fitting everything from the cooks themselves to the cooking equipment you need into the truck can be a battle and the exact opposite thing you need at this moment is taking the only space you have with a bulky POS system. That is why, we highly recommend you to use a compact iPad POS, as every inch counts. You can still process orders and complete payments and yet you will have more space for your equipment.

Ease of Use - You need to keep in mind that this after all “on-the-go” culture which means that it does not allow you to have free time and worry about resolving a complex POS system or writing orders with pen on a piece of paper. In this food truck business, you have to be quick and efficient, if you want your customers to be happy and satisfied. The iPad POS leverages iOS gestures like tapping and swiping which makes this software easy to use, manage, control, and train. You can get one of these devices through companies such as Shopify, which is reliable and easy to use. Combine built-in features and an intuitive user-experience like easy inventory tracking and menu management makes running a food truck business a lot simpler.

Line Busting – One of the worst problems you could possibly have with your food truck business is a long line. However, you don’t need to frustrate your customers anymore to wait for a half an hour just to eat something. With the iPad Point of Sale system, you can break free from the food truck to power through a lineup which will allow you to take orders, process them, and do the payment online. So, when the customer reaches the truck, all he or she needs to do is to take the food and go. Easy and simple, right?

Fast & Local Connection – When you are circling around the town, depending on an Internet connection to attract customers can be risky and not that simple. With the constant possibility of a dicey connection or service outage, considering a more reliable and secure option is what you need to do. There are iPad POS systems that operate by using local Wi-Fi and speedy connection that does not require an Internet connection to process the orders through the iPad. This is what your food truck business needs at this moment.

Cost – The truth is that there are enough high costs that come with opening a food truck business. Investing in an expensive POS system is not another cost you need to worry