The Point of Sale systems are used in many different industries! Read this article and discover the top 3 different types of POS systems!

There is a specific Point of Sale software for each business industry. Each of these POS systems has unique features and tools to cater to the needs and demands of specific industry. The business owners and the management team are advised to learn more about the POS systems and the different types of POS systems so they can select the best software for their needs.

The features and options may vary between various companies developing these apps, however, the purpose remains the same in every developed POS software.

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Here are the top 3 different types of POS systems you should know about:

  1. Retail Point of Sale Software – This is the POS system required for retail stores. Usually, it is utilized for a single terminal and operates on a single hardware. It includes an LCD unit, a barcode scanner, a CPU unit, a keyboard, and a receipt printer. In other words, it is a standard computer added to a cash register. Please keep in mind that in a case of several terminals, a different server will be needed to organize and synchronize all the data.
  2. Restaurant Point of Sale Software – This software can be classified into two groups – “the front desk” and “the back kitchen”. The first one or the front desk type needs a POS system that works on a touch screen. Once the order is received, it is automatically redirected to the “back kitchen” where the receipt printer prints the order and it is handed over to the Chef. It is super easy to easy and probably one of the most effective methods, restaurants use these days to receive orders.
  3. Lesser-Cost POS Hardware – The installation of the POS system doesn’t have to be expensive, especially now as there are many developers who offer affordable deals with their Android tablet and iPad solutions. It can be concluded that modern Point of Sale systems aren’t only Point of Sale software. They also serve for retaining customers and reassuring further sale. Various benefits can be seen in this type of POS. The functions such as Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, and recording of financial data are just a few of them.

Now that you know the 3 different types of POS systems you can decide which one suits your business the most.

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