Are you prepared for this year’s restaurant week? Read this article find out how POS system will help you survive restaurant week in 2017.

Restaurant Week varies in different places. The overall idea is that local restaurants associate with local tourist associations or chambers of commerce to support a week of lunch and dinner specials. Other partners may include local businesses, banks, and food suppliers. Restaurants offer discounted rates for a fixed price menu, the concept being that what they lose in check averages they re-gain in increased sales. The interest and sales volume is as high as 40% over this week, which is a great benefit for restaurants.

Increased number of guests and work over the usual average can become unmanageable. However, using an effective POS system can settle the chaos and make inventory management effecient.

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You ask yourself, how can POS system help you trough restaurant week?

Here are 5 reasons (or tools):

Customized Menu Configuration

As mentioned above, the ‘thing’ about restaurant week is that you have three fixed menu packages. Having an iPad based Point Of Sale system will provide you with a quick setup as well as the use of packaging and modifiers. The best thing here is that you can synchronize the whole process with a mobile or web app so guests can order from their table, tablet based menus, or from the register

Inventory Management Features

Inventory management software is crucial for each process that goes by in the restaurant. Having an efficient inventory management will help you reduce costings and trough monitoring and analysis, it can help you with decisions on what to procure more (or less) to optimize the expenses.

Taking orders on the go

Letting the customers sit and be waited, can mean a loss of profit if the delays are calculated. Yet, if you design in-store stations on the floor where customers can place the order and get a time estimate on how long they need to wait, you will have a greater rate of happy and loyal customers that will return. With a POS system on the table, you will optimize the customer experience.

Table Turns & Timers

Restaurant week tends to be busy and with increased number of guests, so monitoring the table turns is a key point for your restaurant, since you can analyze the reports and find any potential issues. POS systems can provide a friendlier user interface for the staff with doing special notes, colors and order tracking per each table.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

To increase the return on investment you need to acquire new costumers and provide them a great experience in order to have them as loyal customers. The POS system will provide you with guest data and preferences that you can later use for promotion activities.

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